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Download DU Recorder APK Pro or Premium Version

If you are looking for an application to record what happens on the screen of your Android mobile, DU Recorder APK is the best one . It will allow you to capture on video what happens on your smartphone without a watermark .

If you are looking for an application that allows you to make videos of your Smartphone screen, recording the game you are playing, a phone call or an application tutorial, DU Recorder APK is the solution you need without having to pay for a Premium version or Pro .

Download Du Recorder APK Free Latest Version

With this free application for Android, many contents can be created and edited without problems from the application itself without the need to use other programs. DU Recorder Pro APK has everything necessary for a video of what we do on our screen to be of high quality. quality.

DU Recorder APK, what is it?

DU Recorder APK is the best application to record what happens on the screen of our Android devices such as mobile phones and tablets . It is also possible to post-edit the video made, or broadcast it in real time on different streaming platforms.

This app has earned a very good name in the digital world for the high quality of the videos it makes , and for all the complement of tools and functionalities that it brings implemented with it, to allow users to select and customize the video recording as best suits them.

Du Recorder apk all features

The latest version of DU Recorder APK 2.2.4 for Android is the most complete version made to date, and is compatible with all cell phones from Android 5.0 onwards available on the market.

Features of DU Recorder APK

DU Recorder Premium APK   is one of the most used apps worldwide to record the screen of Android terminals with more than 320 million downloads . Now we are going to see some of the features that have made this application so popular and preferred by successful YouTubers:

  • Fluid screen recording: Allows users to run the program without problems in the same recording, making it fluid and very stable without unscheduled stops or pauses.
  • DU Recorder Pro APK: As one of its versions, this one specifically, and like the others, records without a watermark, something highly sought after by producers, being a great detail compared to other similar applications.
  • External recording and user voice: In some versions external recording is not possible, but in DU Recorder Premium APK it is possible, the user can be recorded explaining or giving information while the video is running.
  • Stopping the recording in a personalized way: In Recorder by APK, having selected the option to end by movement, just by shaking the device, if it is mobile, the recording stops, preventing the process from being recorded in the video.
  • Adaptation to any language: Some applications are limited to a few languages, with DU Recorder apart from being free, it has multiple languages ​​to be used anywhere in the world without limitations.
  • Direct control of the recording in a hidden way: As the video is being made, it can be controlled from a hidden floating window that will not appear in the recording, making the final result more professional and natural.
  • Use of attachments in the edition: In DU Recorder Premium APK you can attach an unlimited but balanced amount of images, music, audio and drawings to complement and further personalize the screen video without watermark.

Du Recorder APK you can choose the resolution that the video will have

How does DU Recorder APK work to record screen?

The function of this free application is very easy, it does not need any rigorous process that takes time and bothers users, once the application panel is downloaded and presented, the version configuration is carried out.

  1. Within the configuration there are several sub items, with suggestions where users can select the one that best suits them and thus fulfill what they need.
  2. ”Select” the video resolution time, quality, duration time and FPS with the most important ones.
  3. Then ” turn on or off” the standard or basic features as recommended by DU Recorder Premium APK.
  4. Next you need to ” define the location” of the final video in a specific folder where you have a direct access.
  5. And finally, ” activate or deactivate” the other functions according to taste, among them the use of brushes, the creation of text, the recording of a specific place on the screen or the use of microphones for the explanation of procedures.

Download DU Recorder Premium Free

Once the parameters are established, in DU Recorder APK, when you start the video it will run without any problem, to stop or end it, display the notification bar, ” press” the finish button and that’s it, the base video will be available for ” edit and customize” .