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Download DU Recorder for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 [FREE]

DU Recorder is one of the most sought after programs used by many people to record the screen of a computer or laptop. The latest version supports both Windows 10 and Windows 7.

With DU Recorder you will be able to record tutorials, video calls, gameplays and everything you do on the screen of your PC0. At the same time you can broadcast live to different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitch.

Download Du Recorder for pc free

Main features of DU Recorder for PC

DU Recorder for Windows has different customization features that allow you to create adequate final content focused on meeting the objectives set by users.

  • Selection of personalized area: Although DU Recorder is free, it does not limit itself to offering certain specific tools to the user, and this is one of them, recording only the part of the screen that is needed, ignoring the rest.
  • Establishment of the video quality: As it is an application aimed at giving the best function to its users, the quality of the video can be adjusted according to the importance of the recordings, having from 1080p.
  • Information annotation: DU Recorder for PC allows annotations to be made and texts created naturally at the time of recording without altering the quality of the video execution process.
  • Personalization: Being an application used by many digital companies, DU Recorder for PC allows the use of logos and emblems throughout the video, offering a more professional and personal touch in the final result. You can also use DU Recorder without a watermark.
  • Zoom at all times: Many users need to focus their attention momentarily on something specific, with DU Recorder you can zoom as many times as you want without any problem .
  • Instantly share the recordings: Once the video recording of our PC is finished, it can be shared on the different social and storage platforms .

Features of Du Recorder PC

Requirements to install DU Recorder PCScreen recorder for PC Du Recorder

The requirements to install DU Recorder for PC are very basic since the program hardly consumes resources, this makes it compatible with all current computers and laptops.

It is necessary to have one of these versions of Windows on our computer: Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 . In older versions it may not work.

Besides, the PC version of this program needs 90MB of space on the hard disk so that it can be installed on the computer.

DU Recorder for PC has more than 30 languages, including Spanish, so its installation can be done without problems by following the steps indicated by the installation program. If you have any problems you can contact us here .

How does DU Recorder PC work?

Once the application is installed on the computer, its use is completely easy, the program is selected and the video configuration is followed, here it is customized:

  • The quality of the video itself : As needed by the user, the quality of the video is directed to the sharpness of the recording.
  • The duration: Determine how long the recording time of the procedure, tutorial or video call will be so as not to make the same video as long as normal and obtain considerable time.
  • The FPS : In this step, the frame per second determines the speed at which the images are displayed, and can be adapted to exactly what the person or company that uses DU Recorder for PC needs.
  • The quality of the video: Taken into account since DU Recorder free is very executed by companies and small organizations.
  • Video location: In order to have direct access to the final video without wasting time searching for it between folders and downloads.

Record the screen of your Windows PC for free with Du Recorder

There are also certain options such as hiding the mouse cursor, the standard or basic recording mode and finally video editing , all of these are tools that DU Recorder for PC offers.


This application for the screen of your Windows computer is the most updated version that can be run on the PC, it is available and ready to work on 64 and 32-bit computers. 

Du Recorder .exe file for PC

This program is also portable for Windows 10, 8 and 7 , allowing you to record at the highest quality without having to have a PC with very powerful hardware. Start making free videos right now.